2014 March 21
Most interviews involve a successful person. Some go so far as to involve two successful people. Well, this series isn't like that. It's not often that you are asked to read the transcript of a conversation with "unsuccessful" people*, but to me there's something about the format of an interview alone that makes it entertaining. And so rather than inspiring you with our unique accomplishments, I'm hoping we can instead inspire you with the novelty of reading about our normal shortcomings.

* This is probably because transcription is a very tedious, time-consuming affair on its own; if your subject isn't expected to draw a crowd, why waste the time? On the other hand, it is pretty funny to hear the recorded voices slowed down when you're doing the transcribing. So if the following interviews ever get dull, just imagine that when we speak we sound really, really drunk.

Unfulfilled is a zine series interviewing people who are, for whatever reason and in any way, unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled #1: Jess Graves (8/12/2013)
Unfulfilled #2: Julia Ogris (9/26/2013)
Unfulfilled #3: Jessie Conover (3/15/2014)

Unfulfilled will hopefully be found on paper at Farewell Books in Austin, TX and Sticky Institute in Melbourne, Australia—as soon as I find the time to visit Office Depot.