Cat piano
2017 July 18
First off, here's the final product:

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After watching Adam Neely's video on the cat piano, I asked my friends with cats to send me videos of their cats meowing. (The process of capturing a cat's meow on video proved more difficult than I'd expected.) This gave me meows from eight different cats, with about two or three meows apiece. I pitch-shifted the meows very slightly so that the meows spanned a C major scale. A few meows sounded more like percussion, so I used these meows as a sort of bass and hi-hat sound in the clip below.

Playing video clips using a midi controller is apparently possible with Max for Live, but that costs money. So I wrote up something in python I called midi2video to convert midi notes to video playback. Unfortunately, this set-up plays the video only without any audio, so I also set up a sampler in Logic to handle the audio playback for each of the meows.

Created on July 18, 2017.